808 Virtual Tours

A creative way to display your space.

Who we are.

A small company with a passion for transforming real life spaces into virtual spaces that can be explored. Our goal is to take the google street view into the spaces that Google doesn't reach. We plan to not only help businesses with their needs in Real Estate, Renal/Property management, Tourism, etc at an affordable price. We also have a mission to go to the far reaches of our beautiful islands and share those spaces with the world. Stay tuned, we are just getting started!

Harold Campbell

Creative Director Instagram/FB @808Hal

Real Estate

Technology in real estate is moving so quickly, we allow realtors to affordably provide virtual tours of properties. Videos tours have been used in the past to sell properties to distant investors or future home owners. In those videos the viewer is a captive audience and quickly gets bored, a step into the future gives them the ability to browse the property at their own time, looking at what they want to look at. We do also offer the ability to do narrated tours or adding music. Contact us and discuss how we can help you envision the perfect promotion for that listing.

Property Management

Until now it hasn't been cost effective to invest in virtual tours for rental units. For a minimal investment you can have that rental property put out into cyberspace for potential renters to have a quick look. Grab those renters that have a busy schedule, hard to schedule without having to waste your valuable time escorting renters who get there to find it isn't what they had envisioned. A virtual tour will let them see it first, they can then decide to pass or request a showing to get a good feel for it. The take away is less time waste on behalf of both parties and also gets that rental unit out there to more people in a way that a written description and a couple of photos do not accomplish.

Digital Tech and Client Rights

We have an extensive array of technology at our disposal; drones, 360 cameras, professional photography and virtual reality software. We have no intention of putting restrictive copyrights onto our work, you pay us for it, that is in our opinion your property, to do with as you wish.


Digital marketing and social media are the best way to get yourselves out there, with the most bang for your bucks. We have studied in depth the current social media algorithms and ad search parameters to pinpoint the market you will need to push your ads towards. If you have come here from one of our promotional placements, that is evidence.

How we work.

1 Contact Us. Set up a discussion about goals, location and terms. Notify us of the locations ahead of time so that we can calculate weather, light and wind conditions.

2 Set up appointment for our team to take all relevant shots needed. Please have location Showing ready.

3 Beta product will be placed in a password locked, temporary directory on this site for client to go over with Harold. Once product is satisfactory to client we set up the website it will be located on. We host free of charge but can also accommodate setting it up to view on your own website. (tech fee will apply)